Server Update 19.02.2018

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Server Update 19.02.2018

Post#1 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 3:48 pm

Server Update 19.02.2018

Human Skill Changes

-Rising Might from 50% back to 60%
-Empower from 25% back to 35% (Only Attack)
-Blunt Mastery from 8% hp to mele to 10% hp to meleattack at lvl 7

Templars Skill Changes

-Intelligence Blow from 50% to 60% boost in magick attack
-Blunt Mastery From 70% to 90% transfer from magick attack to mele attack
-Blunt Mastery attack speed from 35% to 50% at lvl 7

Warlock Skill Changes

-Intelligence shield set for pve lvl1-6 duration 1h 50% at lvl 6
-Intelligence shield set for pvp at lvl 7 duration 30 sec 250% intellicenge

Giants Skill Changes

-Blood Adreanaline from 30% to 60% meleattack
-Rage from 450% str and dex to 700% boost in critical dmg

Dekans Skill Changes

-Dragon Knight Zhen Mastery incresed from 7% to 10% hp boost in melee attack.
-Dragon Sage Zhen Mastery incresed from 150% to 200% of your inteligence to melee attack
-Dragon Sage Zhen Mastery incresed from 35% to 70% of your magick attack to melee attack.

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