Server Update 09.02.2018

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Server Update 09.02.2018

Post#1 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:28 am

Server Update 09.02.2018

Experiance has been incresed and the experiance gaps from lvl 80 85 90 95 has gone

New Mythical Armors

New Mythical Shield

Recycle system has been fixed ,

Charm and boss accessoryes (Rare & UNique) can be upgrade to +5 widout charm & accesory upgrade stone ,
after lvl 5 you need them.

Crafted Accesory rate 100% until + 7
Ancient Weapons & Enchanted Armors 100% rate until +7

Donation Shop and Ip Shop has been updated:
30 Days Spirit Stones for costume
30 Days Bags
Decresed the price of Armor Enchantments & Abdrandants alos Premium Preservation Stone

New Option Stones .

Costume bug Fix also you can see stats now.

Some aditional stats has been added on weapons for all classes , for a bit of ballance .

Monsters drop high Option Stones. Grade D, C, B,

Dhan Avoid skill level required decresed.

Defender Fixation fixed .

Mythical Armors delevel rate 100% no failds

Forge succes rate has be incresed to 75% for all items.

Mythical forge succes rate is 60%

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