Server Update 08.03.2018

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Server Update 08.03.2018

Post#1 » Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:45 am

Server Update 08.03.2018

- Colliseum Fixed
- Grup Euphoria Fixed
- Pet Fox Fixed
- Server AutoRestart Fixed
- Healer Mental Barier Fixed now works from psyke as well
- Rhakon 5 new extra mobs has been added all got specific drop:
Ex. Mage mobs drop staffs
- Rhakon 5 Bosses has been added with an 12hrs respawn

Ranger Updates

-Sprint can be use as a buff now good for scouts as well duration incresed , cd decresed effect 50% mobility
-Wing Foot Has been decrese becouse of Sprint Buff and also effect only 50% mobility
50% + 50% +50% (boots) = 150% like an old wing foot
-Feeble Arrow debuff more strenght.
-Speed Wing incresed duration from 10 sec to 60 sec cd 90 sec effect incresed from 300% to 400% at lvl 7
-Crossbow Mastery buff effect incresed from 200% to 250% of your dex added to range attack
-Blessing Armor effect incresed from 30% to 50% dmg drop
-All in One Skill shots 10 arrows with a 400% normal attack power before 7 arrows and 300%
-Bow Mastery effect incresed from 70% of your dex at lvl 7 to 200%

Human's Update

-War Cry debuff more Melle attack from openent
-Physical Blow buff effect incresed from 35% to 50% hp
-Sword Mastery give more additional meleattack
-Shout now drops 90% of the targhet pdf

Mage Updates

-Warlock Staff Mastery attack speed incresed to 100% and 400% of int added to magick attack before 250%
-Wizard Staff Mastery now add 400% of Psyche to magick attack before 250%
-Wide Encourage cd decresed from 30 sec to 15 sec
-Magic push cd decresed from 30 sec to 15 sec and incresed dmg to 300% of magic attack
-Magic boost critical chance incresed from 10% to 20%

Dekan's Updates

-Separation now gives 100% attack speed
-All Separation skills dmg buffed
-Dragon Night Evolve Debuffed add only 15% Hp and 35% attack at lvl 7 (25%hp before)
-Dragon Sage Evolve Buffed add 35% attack and 35% hp at lvl 7 (25%hp before)
-Dragon Sage Zhen Mastery now gives 250% of your intelligece to meleattack and 70% of your magick before 150%
-Dragon Sage Mantle now gives 700 dmg tick before 100 dmg and 15m now 25m

Dhan's Updates

-Mirror Shield effect incresed to 100% reflect dmg at lvl 7 duration decresed to 10 sec cd 60sec
-Psychic Phantom and Duble Psychic Phantom effect incresed from 140% to 200% additional attack
-Avengers Strenght Trap now Steal 200 str from ech player inside the trap before 100
-Predato's Ruin Trap now Decrese opponent's Defense by 70% before 50%

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