Komaz's Dragon Sage Int DK

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Komaz's Dragon Sage Int DK

Post#1 » Tue Jun 26, 2018 4:30 am

So back in the day.. INT DKs were a force to be reckond with in the PvE and PvP world based on how you were built on your stats.. Today were gonna just focus on the development of PvE and getting the basics down of having a really good strong first character on this brand new server!

So starting with the Dragon Fighter tab.. I go by TIERs.. So First Tier is going to be the 4 Auras.. Here you do not need to be too concerned about which one you pick to start off with. Reason being is once you hit 50 and get your Dragon Sage.. your primary goal after will be Evolve.. When you are in the Evolution.. you will not be able to channel the Aura from the Dragon Fighter tab.. so pick which ever one you fancy.. I personally went with Darkness

Tier 2 is kind of obvious as your hand is forced to pick up Taunt

Tier 3: Dragon's Power 1 (for now - 5 when you hit 50 - I will explain this later)
Tier 3: Separation 0
Tier 3: Health to Mana 1 (you will eventually level this up to 3-5 based on how your gear will look for total mana)

Tier 4: Mana to Health 1 (you will only have this @ 1 unless for some reason you feel it necessary to be otherwise)

Tier 5: Breath 5 (5 is a must! 7 if you can get it - this will be your main attack through leveling your char to 115+)

Tier 6: Health Drain 3 (you can go the full 5 but with the gear you get at the beginning of the character 5 isnt necessary)

Tier 7: Dragon Skin 1 (if you intend on being heavy in PvP you are absolutely gonna wanna get this maxed but do so under your own discretion - otherwise - dismiss this completely as you will not need it to go Dragon Sage)

Stuck on trying to figure out how to become a Dragon Sage or even a Dragon Knight? Dont worry.. When this server first started it was very mind boggling on what and how and why.. To simplify all of that.. Simply check this guide -> " " on how to pick up the job change!

Dragon Sage Tab

So now that we are a Dragon Sage! I wont spend any time going into the specifics of what and why I chose a dragon sage over the knight.. as it was simply put at the beginning of this guide.. so I will dive right into what and where to put your points as youre leveling!

Tier 1: Karma 1 (you only will need to put 1 point into this in the event you need to Rez anyone :P)
Tier 1: Zhen Mastery 5 ( 7 if you got it - THIS is gonna be the difference between winning and losing)

Tier 2: Critical Mastery 5 ( 7 if you got it - THIS is gonna be the difference in PvP between winning and losing)

Tier 3: Mana Guard 5 ( 7 if you got it - This will help you absorb some of that 'oh shit' moments in combat)
Tier 3: Evolve 7 ( Really this is a must..)
Tier 3: Suction 1 (Continue to put points into this as your +STR and +Melee gets higher based off items ONLY!)

Tier 4: Rapid Lock 3 (5 would be nice - 7 isnt necessary - but more Crit.. faster shit falls over)
Tier 4: Moving Shadow 1 (Dont be in a hurry to get this - dont bother with it till after level 70)
Tier 4: Dragon's Mantle 1 (This is actually pretty nice DoT and its not necessary to go above 1 point)

Tier 5: Death Flow 3 (5 would be nice - 7 isnt necessary)

Tier 6: Full Blown Attack 3 (5 would be nice - 7 might be a necessary - depending on your game play)
Tier 6: Impenetrable 5 (is a must! 7 is more of a Must! get this to 5 ASAP)

Tier 7: Dragon's Wing 1 (I personally love this skill - I put 5 into it.. Completely up to you though :P It does NOT stack with the mobility scrolls you can buy that puts your movement speed up to 120% by the way ;) Personal trial and error there :D)

Now time to discuss briefly about the gear and the kind of gear you are gonna want to get and focus on for your INT DK

The Zhen!

Yes.. It may attack slow and it may not be one of the fastest melee weapons out there.. but.. with this particular build and the kind of stats you can get on it.. This is gonna be huge for you in the end ;) Your primary STAT focus on the Zhen is going to be +Magic Attack % and +INT -- Anything that comes with and or after that.. Strictly on you.. Do not go for FLAT HP -- Go for Vitality as it will give you Pdef + Hit Points vs just the Flat HP

Your Accessories and other pieces of gear should primarily be focused on STR and VIT to make up for the cause of dumping all of your acquired points into INT

Your STR should equal HALF of your INT and your VIT should equal HALF of your STR..

IE: 400 INT = 200 STR = 100 VIT

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